Answered: Two questions on scoring

Hi Karthik, I have a question on two occurrences we had occur in an event.

Situation A (During Eliminations): We have robot 1 and robot 2, each on separate alliances. It’s nearing the end of the match, and as robot 1 is backing up from just scoring a Skyrise section robot 2 who is near the middle of the field begins driving and pushes robot 1 into their Skyrise so they’re touching it and then robot 2 backs up just before the match ends, leaving robot 1 touching their Skyrise and the respective cubes.

This was a match affecting incident. The other referees and I ruled this illegal under rule <SG9> as both direct and indirect contact is illegal under this rule. Was this appropriate?

Situation B: At the end of the match, a robot was in possession of a Skyrise Section and managed to have it touching its cubes and built Skyrise. Would this be considered de-scored? In essence, is an scoring object held by a robot considered to be an exception of a robot in this case? Or in any case?

This was the correct ruling. The contact described violated <SG9> and created a match affecting situation, thus a DQ was merited.

No, only direct contact between a Robot and a Scored/Built Scoring Object would negate scoring. Indirect contact is permitted.