Answered: Two robots touching one preload

<SG1> At the beginning of each Match, each Robot must be placed such that it is touching one of its colored Alliance Starting Tiles, not touching any Scoring Object other than those permitted by <SG2> and not touching any other foam field tiles, or another Robot. No more than one (1) Robot may start the Match on any one (1) Alliance Starting Tile.

Neither this rule not <SG2> explicitly states that two robots cannot touch one preload. Does that mean it is legal for both robots on an alliance to touch one preload at the beginning of the match, provided that they are both in compliance with the rest of the <SG1> guidelines?

<SG1> states that Robots may not touch any Scoring Object other than those permitted by <SG2>. <SG2> only permits a Robot to touch its own four Preloads. Thus, it would not be permitted for a Robot to touch any of its partner’s Preloads.