Answered: Unable to write Board Id: VEXnet upgrade

Recently I went through all of our teams hardware and updated it using the VEXnet upgrade utility. Unfortunately one cortex microcontroller refuses to update. When I first plugged it in, the update appeared to start normally at first, however I gave up after waiting 2 hours without the progress bar moving. I then unplugged, and held down the config button while plugging in the USB. When I did this, the VEXnet upgrade utility told me “Unable to write Board Id. Please contact VEX”

What should I do? A local competition is nearing and our team can not afford to miss it!

What is the current ID Number displayed in the Upgrade Tool Window?

The Id is: 885

However when I tried updating the firmware today (without holding down the config button while plugging in) it was successful, but it gave me this error: Please contact VEX for an access code and new Id.

Ok, call our Tech Support Line (903-453-0802) with the Displayed User Code - you must leave the unit connected and the Tool up and running.