Answered: unplugging partner controller during a match

My code detects if the partner controller is plugged in. if it is plugged in the lift and claw are controlled by the partner controller and the drive is controlled by the main controller, if the partner controller if unplugged (in case a full drive team can’t make it to the field) everything is controlled by the main controller. My team thinks (and I agree) that hanging will be easier with one controller which brings me to my question. Is it legal to unplug the partner controller during the match? The Ethernet cable for field control would NOT be touched and the only thing that it would do is transfer all control to the main joystick. I don’t see any rules prohibiting this, however refs, being human, sometimes get these things wrong and I thought it would be helpful to be able to point to this Q&A.

This is legal, but only during the Driver Controlled Period. Please be careful when doing this. I can easily see situations when teams accidentally unplug their competition cable, while trying to unplug their partner cable.