Answered: Updated: Previous Elevating Q&A clarifications

In this previous question regarding the legality of a robot self elevating, it was clearly ruled that both robots from the same alliance cannot both be elevated at once by resting on the field perimeter wall tops.

And here it was ruled that the top of the perimeter wall is inside the climbing zone:

So can a single robot be legally high elevated given all the following:
-All parts are above the field wall or resting on the top of it, as per the previous Q&A ruling quoted above
-It is touching it’s partner robot
-It is wholly within the climbing zone
-It is not contacting any (other) field elements

As far as I can tell, this meets the criteria for High Elevated without contradicting other rules.

Thanks in advance.

This ruling has been updated based on the June 15th manual update. Please see the updated post below for the current ruling.

Yes, this is correct. The maximum number of Robots that will earn points for Elevating from one alliance is one (1). If a second Robot manages to meet the criteria, they still would not earn any points. This will be clarified in the June 15th update.

Provided that no other rules are violated, this Robot would count as being High Elevated. Please make sure to pay careful attention to <SG14> when considering a strategy like this. Resting upon the field perimeter is one thing, but attaching to it is another.

Thanks Karthik, I hope you’ve recovered well after worlds.

You’re welcome! The recovery is going smoothly; I’m already excited for VEX Worlds 2016!

The June 15th update involved changes to the definitions of Low and High Elevating. Full details can be found here:

High Elevated Robots may not touch the field perimeter, thus the situation you have described would not be a legal high elevation.