Answered: Updates to <SG7> in regard to VEXU and defensive protections around the Loader

The recent game update on June 15th made substantial changes to VEX In The Zone for VRC, but there seems to be a need for clarification in regards to some changes in VEXU. The other example of this would be the new expansion constraints, but I won’t go into that here as a question has already been posted in the Q&A.

VEXU is a 1v1 competition. Does <SG7> (quoted above for convenience) apply to the single robot on an alliance in VEXU, or is it thrown out all together as there is only one robot? To rephrase the question, can a single VEXU robot intentionally block access to Scoring Zones, the opponent’s Loader, or Corners of the field in an effort to remove access to Cones or Mobile Goals?

I’d also appreciate a bit more depth in defense and interaction around the Loader for Match Loads. I’m primarily concerned with the rulings in regards to VEXU, but please note if these rulings apply differently to VRC and we can avoid redundancy and repeated questions within the Q&A.

Currently the only protection on the Loader is that you cannot contact a cone on the opposing teams Loader, meaning there is nothing preventing a team from sitting directly in front of their opponent’s Loader, completely shutting off access.
What is the GDC’s intention in regards to the presence of strategies such as this and interaction with and around the opposing team’s Loader?

Is it a legal strategy to prevent the opponent from using their match loads with this method, assuming the defensive robot does not contact the Cone on their opponents Loader?

If an opposing robot were to acquire a Mobile Goal and begin building a stack using the Cones off their own Loader, would it be legal to push them away from the Loader and out of position intentionally?

Would this ruling change depending on whether or not they were contacting a Cone still on their Loader at the moment they were pushed away?

I’ve asked a lot of specific questions, but what I’m really looking for could be summed up to this. Are robots protected while building a stack at their Loader using their Match Loads and to what extent is this protection?


<SG7> specifically refers to the actions of multiple Robots working together. Thus, it is thrown out altogether for VEX U, as there is only one Robot.

There are no rules preventing this, thus it would be legal.

This is legal, provided no other rules are violated in the process.

No, it would not. <SG3> states that once a Cone is placed onto a Loader, it is considered to be “in play”. This effectively makes it the same as any other Cones on the field, other than the restriction that Robots may not contact Cones on the opposing Alliance Loader. This contact is not transitive through a Robot attempting to retrieve a Cone from their Loader.

No, there are no rules implying protection around the Loader.