Answered: Usage of 3D printed wire management (College)

In college, are you allowed to 3D print a wire management system and not have it count as part of the printed parts that are allowed? Would this also be allowed in MS/HS VEX also?


This not permitted in VEX U, unless the 3D printed part were come out of your allowance of as . This would definitely not be permitted in the VRC. Essentially and wire management devices must be commercially available to be legal as per <R7l>. i.e. You can’t just use random materials for a home made cable management solution.

Thank you.

Can I interpret your ruling to mean that using a non vex product like twist ties to do the management would be considered a “home made” solution and not allowed?

Could you possibly add the commercially available part to the manual sometime so it would be clarified there?

Zip ties are a common commercially available cable management solution. These would be fine.