Answered: Usage of Pneumatic Tubing longer than 5ft

Hello Karthik,

Assuming the Tubing has the same dimensions as the Pneumatic tubing Vex sells and is identical in every way but length (and color:p), would it be legal to purchase Pneumatic tubing in longer than 5ft and use it on a robot?

With lifts as high as those in skyrise, the standard 5ft length that Vex provides can be too short in some situations, like powering mechanisms at the top of the robot.*

If this isn’t legal, I’d only ask that it be reconsidered and perhaps a rule like the unlimited amount of nylon rope be implemented.


*I’d just like to add that this wouldn’t be an attempt to break <R18>, some robots literally won’t be able to mount their pnuematics that high due to the maximum tube length.

Yes, we will allow pneumatic tubing identical to that of the VEX Pneumatic Tubing, in lengths longer than 5’.