Answered: USB Key/Cortex Problems

I am having problems with my USB keys in the Cortex and VEXnet controller. When I turn both the cortex and controller on with the wifi USB keys it doesnt link up.
On the Cortex, when I turn it on the Robot LED light is a slow single green blink. Then after a few seconds, the VEXnet LED light is a slow red double-blink. The robot LED light doesnt even come on anymore.
On the VEXnet controller, the VEXnet LED light is a fast blinking yellow light and the Robot LED light doesnt come on.
When I teather them with the orange USB cable they work just fine. I can control the robot and it works properly.
I dont think it is a battery issue because both the batteries in the controller and robot and fully charged.


Please contact and request a RMA form for the return of your VEXnet Keys.