Answered: USB not recognized

I have 12 cortex’s in my classroom. TToday, while a student was trying to load his program onto the robot RobotC did not show the Prolific controller in the preferences. So I tried to reload the Masterfirmware (usually fixes everything) and I recieved this buble in the bottom corner.
USB Device Not Recognized.

One of the USB devices atached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it.

I have tried all of my computers all run XP sp3 and my laptop XPsp3 and all of the computers give excatly the same message.

Not sure what to do any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks

**So you can reload Master Code in your other 11 CORTEXs but you get this error with only 1 CORTEX?

If that’s true, you should contact our Tech Support and get a RMA Number for the return of the CORTEX. Otherwise, you should contact ROBOTC or post your question in the ROBOTC Section, they may be able to help with your USB Error.**