Answered: Use of glue clarification

The only mention of glue that I can find in the NBN game manual is in rule <R7> where it permits the use of Hot glue for securing cable connections.

Situation: We have found that for our high rotation speed flywheel designs the rotational inertia causes the rubber wheels to expand at high speed such that they are no longer in contact with the wheel hub.

Problem: This leads to an imballance in the shaft and changes the dynamics of the launcher. The imbalance also leads to high vibration of the shaft and robot.

Question: Can we glue the rubber wheels to the wheel hubs to assure that they stay seated in position properly.

One alternative solutions considered is to run a set of bolts every 45 degrees or so through the rubber tire and through the hub to assure that the rubber stays in contact with the hub. This feels less safe than glue as there would be bolts spinning at a high velocity, but I don’t think would be a violation of the rules.

Can adhesive be used in this scenario and be within the rules?

This is correct and is the only allowable use of glue for functional purposes in VEX Nothing But Net.

No, this is not legal.

Yes, this does sound unsafe and could be a violation of <S1> depending on the implementation.

Your answers are consistant with what the team expected, but we wanted to be sure.

Thank you for the prompt ruling.

You’re welcome!