Answered: Use of Manufacturers for <R7-f>

Four related questions, all regarding rule , and the use of 3rd party manufacturers by teams. In all cases, assume that all parts used are otherwise legal (parts can be demonstrated as producible from a single 12"x24" sheet, legal material, no illegal processes used, etc.)

A. Can a team sponsor with access to advanced manufacturing capabilities such as milling or laser cutting manufacture parts on behalf of a team from legal plastic sheet, at no charge?

B. Can a team commission a 3rd party company to manufacture legal plastic parts the team has designed specifically for their robot, at fair market price for materials and labor?

C. Can a team purchase and use parts available for sale to the general public, if these parts are made of legal plastic material and could theoretically be legally produced from raw materials by either the team, or a 3rd party manufacturer under rulings A or B above?

D. How, if at all, do these rulings vary/extend to VEXU, and the additional materials allowed under rule ?


Yes, this is legal.

Yes, this is legal.

Provided that these parts can be produced by legal operations upon legal plastic, this would be legal. In cases like this, the onus is on the team to prove that parts meet these criteria .

These rulings apply just the same to .