Answered: Use of polycarbonate as a non-functional Piece

the question is simple: if polycarbonate is used for non functional reasons, do the non functional parts contribute to the 12" by 24" sheet size? Relative parts of <R7> state:

This would seem legal, however I thought to be sure. Additionally, comes into question; if this polycarbonate is used to shield (guard?) against stray game objects hitting the cortex or other sensitive areas, but does not in any means boost performance (it’s only for protective measures), would this polycarbonate also not count towards the total of 12" by 24"? If it did, would other material, such as wood, be allowed for this same objective?

Non functional pieces of polycarbonate do not count towards the 12"x24" allowance.

This would be functional, therefore it would count towards the allowance. specifically states that any guards are functional unless backed by legal materials that provide the same level of functionality.