Answered: Using aids to hold Skyrise Sections while loading on raised fields

In this recent thread you mentioned that the GDC would consider providing some kind of tool to teams at Worlds to help them hold Skyrise Sections above the ground while loading them on raised fields.

My question is, is it legal for teams to use their clothing or some other item to hold Skyrise Sections before loading them into the autoloader? This would prevent drive team members from having to bend down to pick up sections. My memory is that using tools to aid in match loading was ruled illegal in at least one previous season (Gateway, I think?) so I thought it would be best to check.

Here is one example of an item of clothing that could be used for this purpose:

As you can see, it serves as both a fashion accessory and a performance enhancing robotics tool.

I’m asking this question not for Worlds but for NZ Nationals, which will have raised fields.

There are no rules preventing this type of fashion accessory. This is the equivalent of holding a Skyrise Section in your pocket.