Answered: Using Blue tooth on Drive Team.

Can you use Blue Tooth when you are on the Drive Team. That is, can someone in the stands communicate to a Drive Team member when there are 3 members at the field? Can you have 2 Drive Team members and a Blue Tooth device, so the communicator would be the 3rd member of the Drive Team?
If you can not then, what about any person hollering out from the stands or audience.

No, this is not legal. Drive Team members are not permitted to use any form of wireless communication during matches.

Despite being terribly annoying, there are no rules preventing this practice.

I don’t think its possible. Please correct me if I’m wrong, i really would like to know too. But without a speaker i would think that you cant :frowning:

There is no speaker on the v5 brain.

You can’t.

LED lights aren’t allowed, <R8>

You don’t.

You can’t wirelessly communicate with your robot at all besides using vexnet, so a rgb controller during the match would be illegal.
Also make sure to power your lights off the V5 brain, as you aren’t allowed a battery to power them.

Huh, I hadn’t thought of that. I would imagine that underglow would still be fine as long as it isn’t too bright.

Whilst playing music from your robot might sound like a nice idea, from your other posts it seems like you might be better spending some time understanding the basics of programming so that you can create some simple autonomous routines first.

Also, @Masterchief24, please don’t revive dead threads from the Nothing But Net Q&A for questions about Turning Point. Instead, start a new thread with the correct channel, and simply link to this thread.

Unless you can find a way to power those lights from the V5 Brain, you would NOT be able to use them as a secondary battery on the robot is illegal.