Answered: Using Field to Change Configuration

Consider this event: Prior to the start of a match, a robot rests against the wall of the field, with an intake mechanism folded upward resting against the wall. This mechanism is attached to hinges, and is only held up by the wall of the field; once the robot moves away from the wall, gravity causes the mechanism to fall to a parallel alignment with the field. Is it legal to use the wall/fence of the field in this way? I understand the configuration of the robot is changed, but not by any human contact, only field contact.

This is legal, provided no other rules are violated in the process. However, if employing this strategy, one must be well aware of <R4> from the VEX Gateway Game Manual.

Thus, the intake mechanism that you plan to have resting against the wall of the field, is not permitted to touch the sizing box or sizing caliper during inspection. So relying on the field to keep your robot with the 18"x18"x18" limit, may result in you having a robot that is unable to pass inspection.