Answered: Using Identical Non-VEX 7.2V Batteries

Is it legal to use non-VEX batteries that are identical to those sold at

I am referring to these Venom batteries which are, to the best of my knowledge, identical to the standard 7.2V 3000 mAh NiMH batteries.

Rule <R7b> states that robots may use, “Any parts which are identical to legal VEX parts. For the purposes of this rule, products which
are identical in all ways except for color are permissible,”


Rule <R13> states that, “The only allowable sources of electrical power for a VEX Robotics Competition Robot is any single (1) VEX 7.2V Robot Battery Pack of any type, unless the robot is utilizing the VEX Power Expander, and a single (1) 9V backup battery.”

Once again, is it legal to use non-VEX batteries?

No, these batteries would not be considered identical and would not be legal for competition usage. We’re very sensitive about safety issues when it comes to batteries, as such we’re going to be very strict when it comes to usage of official batteries, since we can verify the safety of those units.