Answered: Using Multiple Skyrises to Position

So, we have a tournament tomorrow and we need clarification ASAP to help up!

In this thread;
You said that:
“No need to apologize! It is legal to use a Skyrise Section as an alignment tool.”
Are we allowed to use multiple Skyrise sections to position? You specified that using a Skyrise was legal, but I have not seen anything on using multiple. We really need a clarification for tomorrow, so we know if we can use two Skyrises to briefly position.

Thanks Karthik, we appreciate it!

Yes, this is legal. In the future, if you require a clarification before a Saturday event, it’s highly recommended that you post your question a couple of days in advance. It is very unlikely that you’ll get a response in time when the question is posted at 11:00pm on Friday.

Thanks Karthik! Sorry about the short notice, we had the drivers meeting Friday and I was just curious to see if we could get an official response in before the tournament. The refs let us use Skyrise pieces to position. It all worked out!

We really appreciate you answering! Sorry for posting the question so close to the event!

You’re welcome!