Answered: Using preloads to stay inside size restrictions

Hi all,

According to the rules of Starstruck (Section <G2>), a robot must be smaller than 18x18x18 inches at the beginning of a match.

Currently, our robot is designed such that in order to meet these requirements, we must either have a rubber band holding it together or have our preloaded star placed on top of our arm, which is designed to fall open as soon as the robot moves.

Is it legal to go through inspections at a competition with a rubber band holding our robot within the size limit, but then remove it and have a preloaded star keep our robot within the size restrictions during matches?

Team Major Trouble (6838C)

No, this is not legal. Your Robot must be able to fit within the size limit without the aid of your Preload or without the aid of anything else that is not part of the Robot.