Answered: Using Vex Transmitter as the second remote

Whenever I connect the Vex transmitter to the Vexnet joystick partner port with a tether cable, all the normal lights on the joystick turn off except the joystick light which goes from green to flashing red. Robot-c shows no input from xmiter2 channels, but the Vexnet joystick channels keep working as they usually do. (Channels 2 and 4 show values ranging from -128 to -3something) Is there a solution?

If you are referring to the VEX Transmitter as the old style that is Crystal compatible (part number 276-2153), then you can not do what you are trying. The VEX Transmitter that uses Crystals is not compatible with the new VEXnet Joystick (part number 276-2192). Only VEXnet Joysticks can be connected together via the Partner Port.

Yes, that was my problem. thank you for that information.