Answered: VEX 2.0 (Cortex) Motor Current

It is my understanding that the VEX 0.5 microprocessor unit has a per-motor port current limit of approximately 1 amp, and a processor total motor current draw limitation of approximatley 4 amps. If this is wrong please correct me.

My question actually relates to the preliminary information released on the VEX 2.0 Cortex microprocessor. The preliminary information on the VEX Wiki indicates that the motor current capacity has been doubled. Does that apply per port (for a total per-motor port limit of 2 amps), or the processor total motor current limitation of the unit (from 4 to 8 amps), or both?

Thank you.

**The VEX 0.5 Microcontroller is limited to about 4 Amps total for all 8 Motor Ports. There is no limit for each individual port, but each VEX Motor has it own internal limit at about 1 Amp.

The VEX 2.0 Cortex Microcontroller is limited to about 4 Amps total on 4 of the Motor Ports and to about 4 Amps total on the other 4 Motor Ports. Thus if you are talking about all 8 Motor Ports, then the total current limit would be about 8 Amps.**

Thank you. This is just info I was looking for.