Answered: Vex 3-wire Motors Discontinued

Our robotics team was looking to replace our old failing 3-wire motors, and found them discontinued.
Are 3-wire motors still legal, or do we have to replace them with 2-wires?
And is there any way we can still get 3-wire motors?


Even after being discontinued, 3-Wire Motors are still legal in the VEX Competition.
I encourage you to try our new 2-Wire Motors, as they contain metal gears more robust for competition settings.


Oh, alright, thank you!
It’s too bad that they got discontinued though - we use them quite often for teaching purposes!

I guess we’ll be putting in an order for a bunch of new 2-wires then.


Also if your 3-Wire motors have gear issues, you may be able to fix them by replacing the internal gears: