Answered: VEX Accessory Parts Legality

I have seen many posts on the VEXplorer and I’ve read the rulebook, yet I need to clarify if the following:

-The VEX Claw Kit is legal, correct?
-The VB-1 Motors are illegal, correct?
-Is the arm portion/the wrist attachment legal, or are they both considered part of the VEXplorer and hence illegal?
-Are safety glasses required during the competition?
-Is the Hex threaded tubing sufficient to take hold of the flag?
-The legal 48" of 1/8" Nylon rope is not a specific VEX part but rather any engineering/craft nylon rope that is 1/8" thick and the total length is 48" correct?
-Ive been confused with the talk about power expanders and the such, but are the two rechargeable VEX batteries in the Power Pack completely legal?
-As long as they are non-functional, do not interfere in the match, and do not hinder any inspections, any decorations (shells, etc) are completely legal, correct?

Thank you. I’m aware many are covered in multiple places, just these things I felt needed one clear answer for myself and others.

*]Claw Kit is Legal, per <R5>
*] VB-1 Motor is Illegal, per <R5>
*]VEXplorer Arm / Wrist are legal, per <R5>
*]Safety Glasses ARE required at competition. <T04>
*]Yes, a Hex Standoff can be used as a suitable flag holder, as long as it securely holds the flag per <R12>
*]Any 1/8" Nylon rope is legal up to 48" in length, per <R5>
*]Robots can ONLY be powered by the VEX 7.2V Robot Battery Pack, per <R5>. The 9.6V Transmitter Battery Pack can NOT be used to power a Robot, per <R5>.
*]Non-Functional decorations are legal as long as they do not violate any of the Elevation rules, per <R5> Note, that the definition of “non functional” is at the discretion of the referees and inspectors at your event. A “shell” protects the interior components of the robot and would therefore HAVE a function. If I was the inspector at your event, I might rule a shell “functional” and illegal.