Answered: Vex Camera

Hello, I am having connection issues between the cortex and the joystick over vex net when the camera is plugged in. When the camera is not plugged in, the connection works perfectly, but as soon as the camera is plugged in with out any code telling the cortex that the camera is plugged in, the connection starts dropping. The connection problems persist when there is the turn flashlight on code telling the camera to turn on, the output from the camera is good and does not drop out, but the VexNet connection does about every 2 seconds. The current project that I am working on for school requires that I be able to see the camera output on the tv and remotely control the robot with out being able to see the course.

The cortex and joystick both have the newest firmware on them
My class uses the natural language programming

Any help would be very appreciated.


The VEX Camera was designed to work along with the VEXplorer System, not the Cortex.
You can still use the camera with the Cortex; However, it will not work with all the channels on the camera.

The VEX Camera offers four different channels, some channels interfere with the VEXnet link and cause communication issues, but some other channels do not cause such interference.

Please try all four channels and note which one offers the best link.