Answered: VEX College Details (Products & Rules)

*When exactly is the VEX Arm9 Microcontroller going to be released to the college teams? Would it be before the end of '09?

*Are college teams supposed to buy the VEXnet Upgrade kits or is the actually VEXnet kit out for the college teams? Also will VEXnet be using newer controllers? If so when are the release dates and are then going to be part of the college challenge this year? If they are part of the college challenge, will they be with all the other new products or is there a special place where college teams can purchase products? Last year the college teams used VEXnet upgrades but they were nowhere to be found on the site. And Will these new controllers have more buttons the the current?

*During a competition, could a single college team (ABC1) with 4 different robots all of which have passed inspection use two robots to compete in one round and then switch to the other two robots the next round? EX. Robot A & B compete in Round 1 of Finals. Then Robot C & D compete in Round 2 of Finals? The rules on the college index say a single team (ABC1) may have multiple robots competing.

*If I wanted to attach an MP3 player with a built in battery to play a song of my choosing, will this be considered illegal or will it still pass in inspection?
Last year I talked to a ref. about this and they said as long as it utilizes a built in battery and doesn’t draw power from an outside source it is okay. Would this also be the case this year?

*And as for the 18x18x24 size limit. Does it absolutely have to be w=18 l=18 h=24? or can it be w=24 l=18 h=18 or w=18 l=24 h=18?

*Will all college teams automatically qualify for World like last year? Or will they have to compete in local tournaments to qualify for World like the High School teams? If this is the case and a team is not able to win any local tournament, is there going to be a waiting list?

BTW you guys are making soo much money off of the teams, all the purchases, etc. So would it kill you guys to attach some sort of prize for the winners of World and Americas??? I mean were essentially paying thousands from parts, to registration for tournaments, registration for World & Americas, hotel, plane tickets, transportation, and food on top of all that. And at the end all we get is a large metal trophy most teams can make in a metal shop back in their school/university…(memories/experience does not compensate for the $$$$ spent). You guys should really think about giving us some more incentive (cash is always great) doesn’t have to be a lot but its not like one or two thousand is going to bankrupt the company. Plus this would only encourage us to bigger and better…resulting in more buying from out part.
I mean I know first hand my High School team last year (627) spent over 10,000 total for every part and travel expense going to Americas and World. Yes it really was that much, I was in charge of the money. Well anyway its just a thought, I’ll try to bring it up with Jason myself when I get the chance.

There is no updated release information on the VEX ARM9 Microcontroller. It is at the top of our priority list and will be released as soon as possible.

Last year’s college teams beta-tested VEXnet as part of the College Challenge Tournament. There are no plans for a beta test this year, and no plan to “pre-release” any components to teams participating in the College Challenge.

All released information on the new VEX Controllers has been published on the VEX Wiki: Please refer there for official announcements of product features.

The VEX Clean Sweep Game Manual - Appendix F “College Challenge” states in Game & Tournament Rule Modification #1b - "Teams are allowed to build as many robots as they would like, but only TWO (2) may be used on the field during a match. They may only bring two (2) robots from the pit to the playing field for any match.

There is nothing in this rule which makes it illegal to switch back and forth between multiple robots as long as only two (2) robots come out to the field for each match.

All robots must fulfill the Robot Restrictions, and pass inspection before they can compete.

A robot can only be used by one team. You can’t “trade” robots among multiple teams.

Non-VEX Power Sources are illegal per <R5> and <R13>.

Having your robot play music may be considered by a referee to be distracting and/or disrespectful, and you will be asked to stop per <G15>. Most VEX Robotics Competition events play their own “house” music.

The VEX Clean Sweep Game Manual - Appendix F “College Challenge” states in Robot Rule Modification #2 - “The maximum allowable starting size for a robot is 18"x18"x24”. Robots may place the 24" dimension in any orientation at the start of the match."

There is no mention that the 24" dimension must be the “height” of the robot. Teams may choose which dimension of the robot is up to 24" long.

There are no current plans for a qualifying event structure. A VRC College Challenge Tournament will be held at the VEX Robotics World Championship for any interested teams. More details on this event (including the event fee and registration information) will be released soon.