Answered: VEX Color Camera and VRC


I was wondering about the legality of mounting a camera (either VEX’s, GoPro, etc.) on robots while in match. I know you answered this question last year, and said that it would not be legal to stream video. Would it be legal for teams to stream footage to a spot away from the actual field and where the team on field could not see the footage being streamed? So, the screen would be far away and not facing the team members in match. The main reason I’m asking this is because the camera VEX sells is live-stream only, so we would not be able to record the video without setting up some sort of live-stream.

Thanks in advance!

No, this would not be legal. If you wish to record video from on your robot, your best legal bet is to use a camera which allows for recording and does not employ any sort of wireless communication link. (Or has the ability to have these links turned off.)

Hmm… ok, thanks!

You’re welcome!

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