Answered: Vex Controller Download Stopped working.

The battery / power light is blinking green fast, and the program light is solid green.

I cannot get the master code v4 or v5 to download I get an error saying it cant find the firmware version. I also get the same results from the vexdefault code.

I can seem to get the online code to download successfully but it doesnt work. In other words the download report successful but the online controls from the ifiloader down have any effect on the controller.

Occasionally just the battery /power light is on solid. I believe this happens after a succesful online code download

Is there anything I can do short of sending in the hardware with an RMA? I was in the process of building user code when this all went pear shaped.

I was able to fix this issue by doing the following(RTFM).

  1. Download IFI_LOADER 1.0.11
  2. Turn controller off
  3. Start loader and bring up terminal window running.
  4. Start controller (display only the IFI prompt w/o version information).
  5. Download version 6 of master code
  6. Terminal window then outputs a prompt to download user code.
  7. Download user code.

I really like 1.0.11 ifi loader. I havent checked out all the feature over the 1.1 but it look like its greatly improved.

Ricky/Corey/Tom thanks for your help on the phone today. I worked in T/S for 5 years I know its a lot of work.