Answered: Vex Cortex Controller - Missing part

The light pipe for the game LED was missing on the first 3 of my brand-new Cortex controllers. Any chance of getting the part so I don’t have to return the unit?

We can probably work something out. Have you taken the unit apart? Are the Light Pipes loose inside the unit? Can you send me pictures of the outside and inside of the plastic cover were the LEDs are located via email to ?

Light pipes not inside by shaking unit. I have not taken it apart. I’ll send a pic.

Attached is a jpg of the inside of the cover. The light pipe was not inside. Picture of the outside is ‘normal’ with no pipe in the hole, so I didn’t bother to take it, or send it. Can you drop one in an envelope if I provide a mailing address. I can heat-stake it in place easy enough…LED on board works correctly.

Sure, just email me your address.