Answered: VEX Cortex Diode Busted - Questions

I originally posted this on the Unofficial Answers Thread; I apologize for any double posting.

[INDENT]So one of the sides of a diode on my team’s Cortex has busted
(It’s labled D8, 2 ICs up from the bottom-right):

I think what happened is that an inexperienced member on my team plugged a 2-wire motor into a motor port 4 on the cortex without a Motor Controller 29, and ran it. Diode #8 on the Port 4 side is now busted, and Port 4 is now unusable.

The diode looks like a generic diode, with the code 502B written on the top.

*]If I replace this diode with an identical one, would this be considered a illegal ‘modification of electronics’ from the VEX Robotics Competition, or a legal repair?
*]If I am allowed to replace it, what specifications do these diodes have so that I may locate an identical one?

Of course I can simply use a Y-cable, or a Y-cable + Power Expander, but repairing the cortex to the best of abilities is almost always better.[/INDENT]

jpearman said these things about the particular IC; is his information correct? And is this a legal repair of the VEX Cortex?

Thank you!


Unfortunately we cannot share/confirm details of our schematics with customers.
That includes component values or datasheets.

The repair should not be a problem on the competition aspect; however, you will void the warranty.
If your unit is still within warranty, we will repair your Cortex free of charge.
If your unit is out of warranty, for a $50 fee we can analyse it and determine if your unit can be repaired. Once the source of failure is indicated you will be provided with a repair quote.
This option should be cheaper than purchasing a new unit.

Hope this helps.



Thank you for the response. I understand that you are unable to share values.

Unfortunately, our Cortex has been used for a few years, and thus is quite a while out of its warranty. Thank you for providing me with the information.

For the time being, I think we’ll just stick with a Y-cable + Power Expander as a workaround.