Answered: Vex Expanding Robot question

I noticed that

<SG3> A Robot may not expand beyond a volume of 18 inches wide by 18 inches long by 18 inches tall at any point during the Match, with the exception of the allowance listed in <SG10>.


<SG10> Robots may expand beyond their normal maximum perimeter of 18” by 18” only while completely within the volume of the Climbing Zone. Robots may expand above the 18” height limit while completely within the volume of the Climbing Zone and with less than thirty seconds (0:30) left
in the Match.

Another rule says

If a Robot has expanded beyond its 18”x18”x18” size limitation and is outside the Climbing Zone it is responsible for any type of Entanglement that occurs with an opponent. If an expanded Robot becomes Entangled while fully within its Climbing Zone, its opponent would
be responsible.

These rules seem to contradict each other. Can I expand in the climbing zone and then drive out of it while still expanded? Some clarification would be nice. Thanks.

Thanks for your question.

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