Answered: vex game object kit

My team recently had a order from the VEX website which included 2 packs of collars, 2 packs of 12 drive shafts, 1 HS chain sprocket kit, and 2 gateway goal/game piece kit. We got our order on Friday, but never received the 2 gateway goal/game kit. We knew that there out of stock, but when we checked the account that we used to purchase it did’t say anything. Like that we wont be getting it. The only thing we saw was that everything was going to be sent out.
What is wrong? When will we be getting them? Do we need to pay for shipping again? Were we suppose to get them?

Could you please call into the Vex support line, their is some additional information that I need to obtain in order to look into the issue for you. When you do call in please ask to speak to Charles.

Never mind its alright. My adviser got an email from Sean Daughtry saying that the game object kits will be coming with our order of other vex parts. This order should be on Maui this week friday.
Does this mean game objects or the whole field will be available this week?
Do you know why it took so long?

We are working hard to receive in all of the items needed for VEX Gateway and are experiencing delays with some items.

VEX Gateway Goal & Object Kits and the VEX Gateway Field Kit will be In Stock on the Web site in mid to late June.

Thanks for your patience.