Answered: VEX Gateway

I was reading over the rules of this years new game, VEX Gateway and was looking for some clarification about some rules.

  1. The rules state playing pieces cannot be de-scored; does this apply to objects scored in the four taped off corners of the field?

  2. The rules state that robots cannot lift the gate. Could a robot then climb over the gate as long as it was not in contact with it, as this would achieve the same objective as the robot lifting then replacing the gate.

  3. Can a robot transport objects from the interaction zone into the isolation zone?

  4. If the robot cannot cross the plane of the opponents starting tile during autonomous in the interaction zone, could a robot do so in the isolation zone? Also could a robot throw objects across the plane to disrupt movement as long as the robot itself did not cross the plane?

I have a few others but I think this gives my team enough for some good brainstorming sessions.

Thanks, Team 1505C

Let’s take a look at the VEX Gateway Manual. Here’s the precise wording of the rule regarding descoring.

So next, let’s look at the definition of Scored, specifically Clause 1.

Since clause 1 makes no mention of the Floor Goals, you are allowed to remove Scoring Objects from the Floor Goals.

Please <SG14>, quoted below.

Teams are never permitted to enter or exit an Isolation Zone while the Gate is down. This means teams may not completely cross into or out of the zone, or intentionally touch the field tiles in the other zone.

Yes, this is legal.

Once again, let’s take a look at the applicable rule.

Thus, robots are never allowed to break the plane of their opponents Alliance Starting Tile in either zone. Throwing objects to disrupt movement is legal.

Thanks Karthik

You’re welcome!