Answered: Vex Gyroscope

Hello Vex Moderators,

When it comes to the Vex Gyroscope is there a possibility that this sensor will come out before December?

My current robot largely relies on gyroscope feedback and I was wondering wheter or not an official Vex Gyroscope would be coming out anytime soon? If not, then I will have to do a bit of re-engineering.

Thank you


I don’t have any updated schedule information for you at this time.
The Gyro ran into a problem during development and we basically had to start over.

Unfortunately this product takes a back seat as we work to get the new VEXnet Upgrade for the v.5 Microcontroller (shipping now), VEX Cortex Microcontroller, and VEX ARM9 Microcontroller to market.

I can’t give any schedule details, but I don’t think December is likely.


So a re-design it is…

Thank you for the quick response,


btw can’t wait for those new controllers! :smiley: