Answered: VEX Master Code Clarification

So last year i was messing with EasyCv2 ver2.8? and making a motor turn slower. This project died and i put it aside. Now i have need of the microcontroller again. So i fire up EasyCv2 and update it to the latest 2.9? and get ready to load the master code. I want it to be just like our of the box.
I do NOT have VEXnet. As I understood the descriptions, if i don’t have VEXnet, i should use ver. 7 master code.
EasyCv2 flashed a message telling me i MUST use Mastercode 10?
It’s not very clear (to me anyway) exactly which code to start out with.

So, which do you flash to make the V5 controller “out of the box”?
Will the EasyCv2 work with that or must it be mastercode 10?

Lastly, my next program is going to require me to upgrade to EasyC Pro anyway.
Will i need a different mastercode with that change as well?

My biggest concern is bricking the controller by flashing the wrong stuff.

I’d appreciate any assistance as i di not find very clear answers to this.

You will want to use Mastercode v10 and the latest easyC default firmware - both available packaged with latest versions of easyC. Make sure your easyC is up to date as well. Check the Intelitek Downloads page for current versions: