Answered: Vex motor port ouput

I was reading the pwm output faq and i came across this
“the Max “combined total” from all Motor Output Power pins is 4 Amps.”

I was wondering if the motor output is always split evenly as 1/2 amps per motor with 8 motors drawing a 4 amp maximum,
or if 4 amps was drawn by all the motors plugged in. for example, if 2 motors were plugged in would they both received 2 amps to reach the 4 amp max?

Thanks for the help!

also, Merry christmas!

The VEX Motors only get the Amps they need based on their Load. A stalled Motor will max out at about 1-2 Amps. Having 4 Motors in a stall condition at the same time will be over the 4 Amp Max, causing the current limiter to trip. The 4 Amp Max is for the total current being used from all 8 Motor Ports.