Answered: Vex Pneumatic Nuts

According to the Vex Pneumatic Guide, the nuts used for the pistons are M3.5 x .6mm thread. I recently bought M3.5 x .6mm thread nuts from Mcmaster-carr.

Problem is, they don’t fit.

Can someone tell me what the actual nut size is?


I apologize about the late response.
The 3.5 x .6mm nut is not the exact size; however, if you insert the thread in the right angle it will fit.

The 6-40 nut is a much better fit.
We have updated this on the pneumatics guide.

VEX_PneumaticsKit-INST-0712.pdf (1.45 MB)

That is okay, a member from the forums emailed me about the nuts. But thank you for confirming the answer and taking the time to edit the manual.

I appreciate it!