Answered: Vex Product Design -- non-Vex parts legal?

Since there isn’t a Q&A official questions forum for the design competition, I’m hoping it’s appropriate here.

One of our teams has an idea for a device for the product design competition that could use a large collection basket. Would it be acceptable to use some sheet goods (aluminum plate, plywood, or Lexan) to build part of the structure? How about only in a limited way, like a 2x2 foot piece of material, or only used for non-moving structures? Or, is this competition limited to Vex components? What if the device moved something from one place to the other, and the destination device was a bag or box not connected to the robot?

In case this is too vague, imagine that the local county fair has just closed and this device was a sort of super-Rumba designed to pick up the leftover trash. Something like that.


Non-VEX components are allowable for use ONLY in the VEX Robotics Competition design challenge, they are NOT allowed for Elevation robots. Please note this competition is intended as a way of showcasing the versatility of the VEX Robotics Design System and entries will be in part judged on the way teams creatively utilized VEX components.

Using some non-VEX parts in non-critical areas is fine. However strapping a VEX brain to the top of a Roomba does not make it a “VEX Vacuum Cleaner”.

Rats. Now I have to go tell the students that another idea isn’t going to work…

(Thanks, John. I get it.)