Answered: Vex Program Execution Problem

Hi All,

I’ve got a VEX that is behaving oddly. Here is the setup:

RobotC 1.70 w/ MasterCode V8e and firmware 0780
Just a single touch sensor attached for testing.

The program is a simple run until button pressed, then stop.

#pragma config(Sensor, in1,    touch,               sensorTouch, int1)

task main() {
  while(SensorValue(touch) == 0) { // do nothing }

Mastercode, firmware, and program all download without any errors.

Intermittantly, when the program runs I am getting an error message in the Program Debug window:

Failure Reading brick status more

I saw an error message once about not being able to read from the flash memory, but I can’t seem to get that message to show up in the Program Debug window again, I suspect it may be below the bottom of the window if it’s there every time.

The same computer, same code, different Vex and I do NOT observe these problems.

Is there a way to ‘hard’ reset the Vex or is there a test suite to test the internals of the Vex.

D. Sean Kelly
Texas Institute Of Education Robotics, Technical Consultant

If all things are the same except for changing out the VEX Microcontroller and one has issues and the other one does not, you will need to contact us for a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number to be able to return the unit to us for repair.