Answered: Vex Programming questions.

I had a free evening to play with my programming environment setup- I am using the IFI Loader ver 11 from the down load page and MPlab c18 compiler, the same one I use for FRC.

Question 1. I can download just fine using the Com1 serial port and the programming cable. the IFI loader recognizes the fact that I have a ‘VEX’ on the other end of the programming cable. But if I use the usb to serial cable provided with the prgroammng kit. it thinks there is an ‘FRC’ controller on the other end of the cable and keeps prompting to hit the program button until the program LED turns yellow. Any Clues?? I checked the system devices folder in the control panel and the computer knows the usb to serial cable is there and what port its on.

Question 2. I cant seem to load EasyC. I know this should go to intelitek but maybe you know right off hand. Is it compatible with Windows 98. I keep getting an unexpected exception (uncompatible RPC Stub) when I run the installer.

Thank for your help and the great customer service.



As for easyC, please post your question in the easyC section.**