Answered: Vex red and blue motors

I was looking around, and I was wondering whether the Vb-1 motors for the VeX Blue are the same as the Vex Red motors, just without the internal speed controller? I was considering buying the VB-1 motor and making my own speed controller to save money, but i found this:

VEX-RC VB-1 Motors - Technical Info
VEX Robotics Description
Unit Dimensions Length 2.7 in. x Width 1 in. x Height 1.5 in.
Stall Torque 6.5 inch-pounds
**Free spin 74 rpm at 7.5V **
Current Draw 0.14 Amps to about 1.6 Amp. at stall per Motor at 7.5V
Wiring Black - ground; Red - (+) power
Weight 0.12 lbs. per motor

and for the vex red…

**Free Speed 100 rpm @ 7.5 volts **(performance varies slightly due to variations in manufacturing)
Stall Torque 6.5 in-lbs (approximately)
Max / Min Voltage 4.4 - 15 Volts (Motor life will be reduced operating outside the VEX Controller range of 5.5 - 9.0 Volts)
PWM Input 1ms - 2ms will give full reverse to full forward, 1.5ms is neutral
Nominal Dead Band 1.47ms - 1.55ms
Weight 0.21 lbs.
Wiring Black - ground; Orange - (+) power; White - PWM motor control signal
Current Draw - (+) Power pin 5mA to about 1 Amp. at stall per Motor

I just want clarification about whether they are, or aren’t, the same motor, as the vexplorer motor appears to be slower with the same amount of torque according to the datasheet.


They are not the same motor. We also have a Speed Controller, MOTOR-CONTROLLER-100, that can be used with the VEX System for the VEXplorer Motors.

So, the vexplorer motors are just as powerful, but slower?

Both Motors have the same Stall Torque and the VEXplorer Motors do have a slower No Load RPM.