Answered: [VEX U] College 3D parts?

Hello Karthik,

I would like a clarification on the following from the VEX U rules. In the additional materials section of the manual the new 3D printed part rule has an ambiguity:

A. Can I assume that this means that a “part” must be contiguous, that is one unit.

B. Does this also mean that assemblies that “trap” loosely-coupled (that is technically NOT contiguous, only pinned) parts are considered more than one part?

For example, this thing…

… can be 3D printed as one unit, but infact is made of multiple sub-parts.

C. According to the college VEX U rules, would this qualify as one “part” or four?

This is what I need to know. Thank you! -Cody

Please note that the following response is only applicable for VEX U.

Yes, your assumption is correct.

Yes, this is correct.

It would qualify as four parts, or however many parts make up that object.

Thank you Karthik!

You’re welcome.

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