Answered: [Vex U] Custom plastic parts

In my interpretation of this rule, the parts do not fit “volumetrically” (i.e. 36 cu. in. of plastic), but rather must be as if made from 6"x6"x1" of plastic. *However, does this imply that the parts must actually be made, or be possible to make from, a single piece of material? *

There are a number of ways in which a set of parts could be made that fit together to fit inside the 6"x6"x1" envelope, but are actually impossible to manufacture from a single block (including lost material from sawing/drilling, clearances, the ability to fit a tool between parts, etc).

It must be theoretically possible to fit the finished parts into a 6"x6"x1" volume with no overlap. You are allowed to use multiple blocks to fabricate the items.

Somewhat related:

Are teams allowed to use additive methods (i.e. 3d printing) to create plastic parts that fit within this envelope? What about creating/using thin films no larger than 6"×6"?

Also, are teams allowed to use multiple blocks of different materials, or must it all be the same type? I feel this questIon is clearer in the sheet metal allowance because it says OR, but not here, given this ruling.

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No, all 3D printed parts must fall under the allowance listed in Robot Rule 2c.

You cannot use two different types of material as part of the plastic block allowance.

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