Answered: [VEX U] Electronics

Following this Q&A, I just want to clarify something…

While the use of a non-identical cable for say VEX motors is not allowed. We college teams have free rain on electronics for sensing. As such, the use the the cable specified in that post would (should) be allowed in the case that it is part of a sensor under the additional electronics rules.

As stated the rule clearly allows non-identical electronics in the case of additional sensors or for additional processing. However, clause B makes it clear that this rule does not apply to motors.

So here’s the question…

A. Am I correct in my statement that the specified cable in this Q&A would be allowed in the case of an additional sensor or co-processor?

B. In general are non-structural wires covered by the electronics rule? (are wires considered electronics?)


Please note that the following response is only applicable for VEX U.

Yes, you are correct.

Non structural wires are considered to be electronics.