Answered: VEX U licence plates <VUR10> vs. <R19>

-Would a 3D Printed replica of a Vex Team Identification Number Plate be an acceptable replacement to official Plates given that the plates are of appropriate color?
-May this “replica” use engraved or protruding letters rather than stickers?
-May Vex U teams create their own forms of team identification given that they meet the requirements of and the sub categories of <R19>, adding special attention to legibility and color identification? For example would 3D printed plates of custom shapes, Lexan sideplates with decals/colored metal, or electronic displays of appropriate color,size, and legibility be acceptable?
-Under the scenario that electronic displays are allowed, I’m assuming that a Vex U team would be responsible for ensuring that the display is visible for the entirety of the match

No. Teams must use the official plates. Teams may use additional forms of identification, as they would be considered non-functional decorations, however the official plates must be used.