Answered: VEX U "Post Secondary Organization" Definition?

I have been looking into starting a VEX U team and have decided that for the purpose of time and a less complex spending process, it will be better for my team to register the non profit account in our own names. Due to the account being in our names, we want to be a standalone organization. I see no difference from a college backed program and a standalone organization if all of the students are from the same school. The only difference I see is that the students get to make their own name for the organization. I wanted to get confirmation from the REC director of my region, so I emailed her about my situation and she said: “Since VEX U is a college program, teams should be associated with a college, university or post-secondary organization.” What is the VEX official definition of post-secondary organization?

VEX U teams are not restricted to being affiliated with a post-secondary institution. As long as all Drivers are registered post-secondary school students, the team can legally compete. Many VEX U teams exist as a collection of students from different schools.