Answered: VEX U - R18 Applicable?


As I read through the inspection checklist for the VEX U competition this year I noticed that there was no reference to limitation of pneumatic components.

URL for referenced checklist:

I thought this was a bit odd and reread the Skyrise Manuel’s Appendix for the VEX U division and also noticed no mention of VRC rule R18. The closest rule I could find was rule VUR8 which states “Additional Motors, Servos and Actuators are NOT allowed.” One could interpret this rule as a ban on pneumatic components in the VEX U challenge.

So, firstly, is VRC rule R18 applicable in the VEX U competition?
Secondly, does rule VUR8 ban pneumatic actuators from use in the VEX U competition?

Also, do these rulings change if pneumatic components or separate subsystems were used as part of a sensor array?

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Yes, <R18> applies in VEX U.

No, it does not. Pneumatics are legal in VEX U, as per the restrictions listed in Section 4 of the Skyrise Game Manual.