Answered: VEX U: Removing Motors From Housings

Previous years in VEX U we’ve asked if it were legal to modify the motor housing, considering it did not give any modifications to the motor electrically whatsoever. This was deemed legal based on the following.

This year we would like to ask a question further.

  1. Would it be legal to remove the motor entirely from the 393 housing considering it has zero electrical modifications, and the modification was purely mechanical.

  2. Would the motor be considered legal if it was mounted as a “naked” unit?

  3. Would a team be able to design a custom housing for the motor if they wished if number 2 was considered illegal?

  4. There was no tampering with the motor unit itself as it came from the factory.

  • Andrew Remmers

The action you are describing is purely a mechanical modification. However, there is a very strong possibility that this modification could alter the performance of the motors. As such this type of modification would also be considered an electrical modification, and would not be legal. Please take a look at this past Q&A from two seasons ago for some additional insight on our thought process.

Thanks Karthik, but to ask a further question.

If a team was trying to access the pinion directly on the motor would it be legal to modify the back-plate of the motor to access that? This wouldn’t be giving the motor any major mechanical modifications that would lead to an electrical modification.

And another question further, could a team design a custom back plate for the motor if they so desired? Would this lie along the category of the Q&A posted in the original question from last year of cutting off the Motor Mounting Standoffs?

Thanks again,


Yes, this would be legal.

Yes, this also is legal.