Answered: [VEX U] RF Communication

I have a few questions regarding the VEX U rules.
With regards to this ruling: here

  1. I recently tested the VEX Cortex with Robot C and when autonomous mode is enabled there is no response from the cortex when the joystick is used.
    My question is: If there is no human input to the robot via the joystick can a device plugged into the partner port of the joystick be used to interact with the robot during autonomous mode?
    If it is legal, is this even possible with the current hardware configuration of the joystick and/or cortex?

Under <R7> in the VEX-U Modifications

My question is: Can an external device that is attached to the VEX Joystick partner port be used to communicate with either robot using a non R/F form of communication?

For example. Can we bring an IR transmitter/receiver to the field attached to a device attached to our partner port and use it to send messages to the robot(s)?

  1. Could a camera, attached to the device attached to our partner port, be used to gain a view of the field and relay this information to the robot? (e.g. the Pixy Cam)

  2. I understand that this will be pushing the rules however I figure it needs to be asked:

If the R/F communication is between your robot and another “non robot” device is this a legal form of communication?

Thanks in advance!
If you would be so kind as to answer each question number individually that would help with rule clarification.

Under all of the above cases we will be conforming to <R21>

IE: All such capabilities would not be used to directly or indirectly allow a human to control the robots

Because of the intricate nature of these questions, the GDC needs some time to formulate an informed response. We’ll get back to you shortly.

Thank you Karthik!

I think one thing I should clarify further is that when I originally said “partner port” I really meant “programing port.” I’m sorry for any confusion this may have caused. I seemed to have misread Jabibi’s original post and thought that he was considering plugging in devices as a partner joystick replacement.

No, this would not be allowed. Our intent is that during autonomous mode the robot drives itself without external assistance. If you want to use it during autonomous mode, you will need to put it on your robot.

No, this would not be legal. Communicating with the robot at all during autonomous mode is against the rules.

This would be legal during driver control only, as long as there is no RF communication. RF communication of any kind is illegal.

This is against the rules. RF communication of any kind is illegal.

In summation:
A.) Communication with your robot during the Autonomous Period is not permitted.
B.) No RF communication is permitted at any time.