Answered: [VEX U]: Sensor Power Source <VUR7>

Hi Karthik,

This year our team is trying to use an Xbox One Kinect, which requires 12 Volts to power. I have two questions regarding this:

  1. According to VUR7, we’re allowed to use one Additional 7.2V robot battery (or 9.6V transmitter battery) for our sensor, right? This would mean there would be a total of 4 batteries on the robot: The primary cortex battery, the power expander battery, the backup 9V, and the aforementioned Xbox One battery.

  2. The Kinect requires 12V to operate, so would it be legal for us to use the DC to DC converter that you ruled illegal here to up the voltage from our independently-powered sensor to power our sensor? It would only affect the Xbox One Kinect power source

Yes, that is a legal configuration of batteries for a VEX U robot.

Yes, this would be legal.