Answered: "[Vex U] Sensors as mechanical components" clarification

This Q&A, specifically:

The question was “Are sensors and electronics allowed to physically interact with game elements?”

The question is too vague, technically speaking a team could build a manipulator that depended on these “antennas” in order to function physically and for a judge with this answer in hand, it would be difficult to draw a line.

So I’m calling for a clarification, something along the lines of:

The word “significantly” is really important here. We need to let teams interact with field elements, but we want to limit that interaction so that “sensor” plows, lifts, wedges, etc are illegal. They all fall into a “significant” interaction, while gracefully touching elements with little feelers, bump switches, and/or limit switch ends are all allowed.

I feel strongly that this clarification is needed, thanks for the consideration Karthik / sorry for interjecting on this one.


Sensors are allowed to interact with game pieces, providing that the intent of the interaction is for sensing and processing, and that they are not being used as mechanical structure. We want teams to use limit switches to detect objects, however we do not want teams building entire arms out of limit switches.

Right that was my point here, the “providing that the intent of the interaction is for sensing and processing” part is the clarification I was asking for in regard to this Q&A.

So I guess this works for me. As long as it’s been written that these sensors that interact with the field cannot be used for anything other than sensing and/or processing I’m happy.

Again sorry to bother you with this, I just don’t want teams getting the wrong idea.

Thanks Karthik for clearing that up. :slight_smile:


Not a bother at all. We’re happy to provide clarification.

You’re welcome!

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